• POSTED: 5 MAR 2013

    Many times I needed some tested tubes for my projects. I have been checking tubes using high voltage converter. It was uncomfortable and time-consuming so I decided to build a tester.

    Now I use the tester frequently in my projects. I think, this is very useful device if you need to test nixie tubes. 

    Tube tester for all kinds of Nixie Tubes!
    Tube socket on board for Nixie Tubes: Z566M, ZM1040, ZM1020,
     Z560M, B-8091, Z567M, LC-513...
    Also works with: IN-18, IN-4, IN-12, IN-1, Z573M, Z5700M, ZM1080
     and more more more...
    You can connect any Tube using Jumper cables
    Adjustable frequency - time displaying of each digits/symbols:
     ~0.25sec - 1.5sec
    Tube brightness adjustable - high voltage nixie power supply:
     140V - 180V
    Nixie Tester requires 9-12V DC power supply
    Dimensions: 94x63x30mm