The Basilisk V3 Pro brings wireless back to Razer’s claw-shaped mouse

The Basilisk V3 Pro brings wireless back to Razer’s claw-shaped mouse

Razer has just announced a new model of its Basilisk gaming mouse. Dubbed the Basilisk V3 Pro, the shape and layout of the V3 Pro are virtually identical to the standard V3, with its claw-shaped design and 11 programmable inputs, and includes some of the hardware improvements that we saw with the standard Basilisk V3 — namely Razer’s new optical switches, RGB underglow, and a scroll wheel that can dynamically shift between tactile and free-spin modes based on how fast you spin it. The V3 Pro also brings a couple of new upgrades by including wireless connectivity and a more powerful 30K DPI sensor. The release of the V3 Pro also brings with it Razer’s new wireless charging dock, which adds options for wireless charging and a 4K Hz polling rate over wireless.

We were introduced to Razer’s 4K Hz wireless polling technology last month with the ultralight Deathadder V3 Pro and its optional $30 dongle, and now Razer is bringing that same tech to the Basilisk V3 Pro. But again, you’ll only get that feature if you purchase the separate charging dock for $69.99. The charging dock comes with a magnetic puck that’s placed in the base of the mouse and will feel immediately familiar to anyone that’s used Logitech’s Powerplay devices. This allows the mouse to securely attach itself to the dock for charging while not in use and even allows the V3 Pro to charge using other Qi-compatible charging sources.

The charging dock is still a totally optional accessory, thanks to the addition of Bluetooth connectivity to the typical 2.4Ghz wireless dongle that comes with the Basilisk V3 Pro. Razer even brought its Hyperspeed multi-device support to the V3 Pro, allowing it to share a dongle with any of your existing Hyperspeed compatible devices.

The Basilisk V3 Pro and the charging dock are available in a variety of configurations and price points. The standalone mouse is priced at $159.99 but can be purchased as a bundle with the charging dock for $199.99. The charging dock on its own costs $69.99 and comes with its own charging puck, but you can also purchase the puck by itself for $19.99 if you need a replacement. The mouse and all of its accessories are available on the Razer storefront starting today and will become available to other vendors later this month.